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Priest Gravy's Nooooooz

This be the place to read my news, so read it and enjoy mutha fockoo.


Icaboo I LOVE YOU HOMIE! Bozo, I'm still sorry and I'l wit my whole life for your forgiveness. Durdy yer thu sht and your sites still fresh. Butters I GOT 22 QUARTERS! All of SK, yall smoky smellin ninjas sae a joint for me, make sure Juggles rols it. Big C and Rizzo Much mutha fuckin love for your new shit. Mystikal and Wizard hold it down true to blue yall. Scooty you and your girl in my nightly prayers for real. Lil Shank, get off the guys you're addickted. Carrie ya know I'm down wit you homie lette, see you on your birthday. If I missed you and you think you shoulda been here, e-mail my ass.


July 15, 2004

It's all new yall. Out with the old and in with the new. Let's catch up a lil. Me and Kri-baby are over. She chose mud over diamonds. To explain, she left a message on my phone sayin she fucked some other guy and got pregnant with his kid. Then the bitch called me an said it wa just a joke, so FUCK YOU BITCH GO CHOKE! I'm single for now, so hit me up if ya like. My so called famiy left me high and dry, decided to leavewith my moms new redneck fuckin fiance so the teams all gone. I'm livin with my dad for now, but I'm going to Job Corps in about a month to get paid like a mutha fucka. Don't shed any tears for this ninja, the diamonds are still rainin on me. That's all I cn think of for now, so til next time MCL and bless that ass o yers.


Priest Gravy


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