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Contact Priest Gravy

I'm not lonely.......PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT ME!

I want nothing more than to talk to you ninjaz, so if you wanna get ahold of me then e-mail my ass or gimme a call, cuz it's all good wit' family yo. You gotta fresh pic that would go with the site? LEMME SEE 'EM! But no pics of Psychopathic artists unless they have a religious look to 'em. You got a question about the Dark Carnival and what we here at Juggalo Religion believe? I'l be more than happy to answer 'em. If you decide to be part of this religion, then you must contact me in order to set up a Faygo Babtism date and Il post it along with your pic in the Calender of Fresness. If you're gonna try to bother me with fire and brimstone about hell's flames licking at my heels and how my souls gonna be damned to eternity in Hell, don't bother. I'l delete your e-mail without even reading it or I'l hang up then call the popo (even tho they fuckin piss me off). Other than that I'l talk to ya laterz.

You can ring me at the following number:
Ask for Joe (yes that IS my real name)
Please do not call with private calling, cuz I won't answer and you will have to leave a message and I cant call you if yodon't live in Texas unless it's important. Also people calling to harass me or my family will have to undergo at least one of the following:
1. My whole crew finds out where you live and we deliver a beat-down straight to your doorstep.
2. I call the police and have them charge your ass with harrassment.
3. Kuta and J Playa fuck your mom and your sister while your bitch ass watches.

May the Carnival Bless you!
May you stay pure and clean as the Lotus Grows!
May the diamonds rain upon you!