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Redneck Killin' Warriors

The triple threat clique of Devine Rebel Flag Burners.

Yea, dats right! Priest Gravy IS  gang related! So is J Playa and Kuta. Together, we form that redneck slaughterin' sect RKW. Now I know this is a little off the subject of Juggalo Religion, but we felt it was appropriate to introduce our personal lives to you, since you must have taken an interest in our site to have come to this page. We want you to know who we are, and RKW is part of that truth. Yes, don't kid yurself, we do mean REDNECKS, you know the drunk fuckin wife slappin', kid beatin' fat fuckin chickins. FUCK YOUR REBEL FLAG BITCH! We don't play dat bullshit round hyuuuur! J Playa be slappin' them bitches heads with a 9 iron yo'! And Kutas dancin' on they ballbags singin', "Guacamole!" (don't ask...) J playa got a serious connection wit' our clique, cuz (get this stale shit) His uncle be str8 up bigot ass KKK! We ever get that mutha fockoo alone, he'l end up on a missing persons list! But otha than that you got any Q's about RKW just e-mail my ass.
Peace easy.
Priest Gravy & J Playa

True dat, True dat. Ya, unfortuly I do have an uncle dat is in da KKK and at one point n time dat mutha fockoo tried to get me to join as soon as I was 18. I really don't think that he will live to see the day I turn 18.
Peaz out,
J Playa