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Pics of me and the team!

This is masturbation aloud.

Get that cursor off of me you sick freak!

Was I naked? maybe....
Was I high? Probably...

Nuhhhhhh-Uhhhhhh Naw you can't have none!

Thats Kri Baby on the left (I know, Im a luck lil BASTARD AHAHAHA!) And thats the one-and-only Wee Wone on the right, My lil sis whos boyfriends I shall forever torture.

You know you want this tounge bad.

Meet Kuta, the random-insane-phrase-slingin' mutha fockoo I'm proud to call my brother. You never know what he's gonna say next..... like "nether-regions"...

Where do you think THIS led?

From Left to Right: J-Playa wit thu Wee Wone on his shoulders, Kuta in da black wife beater, and me and Kri Baby all the way on the right.

Do not be fooled by the clothing! We are Juggalos and Juggalettes, we just to fuckin' broke to get any hatchet related garments, so bear with the clothes or get the fuck out.