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Welcome to Juggalo Religion!

On this page I, the self proclaimed "Priest Gravy" will introduce you to what Juggalo Religion is all about. Understand that this site may contain content that many would find to be "Blasphemous", but to those who think that way, GET THE FUCK OUT HERE! This site is ONLY for Juggalos and Juggalettes who believe in the Dark Carnival and that it is sent by God. So if you're still here, enjoy yourself and keep believing.

Wuzzup? Welome to my mutha fuckin site. The names Gravy, Priest Gravy, if you will. I run this whole mutha fucka. Yea I do believe in the Dark Carnival and it's coming. If you don't, it's all good I wont judge, but if you're gonna hate or try to tell me how to be a Juggalo, then leave bich cuz I don't need yourbullshit. This site is now updated, brining to life what has been missedand shining light on the shady. Alota new shits gonna start appenng, so watch it.

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Wherever you're at,
whatever time it is,
and whoever you're with,
We only ask that you pray
for forgiveness and believe
in the power of the Dark Carnival.




Piest Gravy

Listen up yall. This site is not somebitch ass lil hobby, I'm dead serious about gettin this shit up and runnin. Here's what I need: HTML experts, Fresh pics for the site, a new lookfor the site, feed back on the site, maybe even a web master. I NEED THIS HELP! I'm just ome ninja who can use tripod, and that aint sayin much. We need a REAL doman to be taken seriously and I aint got the cash so if you can help with that You're the shit. Help a ninja out, wont ya?

I'm begging you! If you are interested in our religion, PLEASE CONTACT ME! I want this shit to echo from Shangrila to Hellspit and back again.
Or if you got some freshness you'd like to see on the site, e-mail my ass and lemme see it!
MCL peace.

Juggalo Religion is copyrighted by me.